Condor Customers Who Still Have Customer Service Vouchers Or Outstanding Debt Should Register With The Insolvency Administrator For Refunds

The Insolvency Administrator for Germany’s Condor (Thomas Cook Airlines) has sent letters to some customers who still have valid vouchers or other credits with the airline from before the tourism giants insolvency this fall.

Customers who have any kind of value left from Condor have to register the value with the administrator to be paid the amount (or a percentage of it) in cash through the administration process.

This week I got a letter at an address I used two years ago when purchasing a Condor ticket and had to file a complaint with their customer care team. Back then Condor issued us each 50 EUR customer service voucher that I haven’t used up yet.

The letter includes a PIN code to register the outstanding debt amount with the administrator until January 8, 2020 on the specially prepared website

The Local Court of Frankfurt (AG Frankfurt am Main) ordered on 26 September 2019 the protective shield proceedings for the German leisure airline Condor Flugdienst GmbH and appointed Prof. Dr. Lucas F. Flöther as provisional administrator.

On 1 December 2019, the court opened the main protective proceedings concerning the assets of Condor Flugdienst GmbH and confirmed Prof. Dr. Lucas F. Flöther as administrator.

You will find the corresponding decisions of the court under “Important documents”.

My voucher was already listed with it’s original value of 50,00 EUR plus a position of 10,00 EUR extra costs for handling the claim.

The form allows to add further liabilities should they exist.

You don’t need the original letter in order to file a valid claim. Just open an account and file without the pin code. It’s necessary to upload documents to proof the validity of the claim.

Should there be a payout the administrator will transfer the cash amount to the bank account listed in the claim form.


Overall I wouldn’t expect to receive much of the value assigned to the individual positions. In an insolvency it’s not uncommon to receive pennies on the dollar if at all. It depends how many funds the administrator can cut up in between all creditors.

In my case with a measly 60 Euro claim I just filed it because I’m curious about the result.