Taiwan’s New Starlux Airlines Now Opened Ticket Sales Beginning January 23, 2020 & Unveiled Frequent Flyer Program COSMILE


Last week I wrote about Taiwan’s new Starlux Airlines receiving operational approval and now the airline has opened up their website for ticket purchases and to sign up for their new frequent flyer program.

The first destinations are Penang, Da Nang and Macau beginning on the 23rd of January 2020 and their COSMILE program is open for registration as well.

Starlux will have three departures daily to Macau, one to Penang and one flight Da Nang. All flights will be operated by brand new Airbus A321neo.

The prices are actually quite high which really surprises me. Starlux offers three fare categories:

  • Saver Fare
  • Basic Fare
  • Full Fare

The first couple of days all flights are sold as full fare at US$400+ per way in Economy Class. That’s more expensive than established carriers on that route.

Macau is a little cheaper but then it’s also just a short hop across the Taiwan Strait.

I tried to register for their Cosmile program but the confirmation email that includes the username and password simply doesn’t get to my email inbox.

We’ll look over their award earning and redemption structure in the coming week and talk about it a little bit more in detail.

Their new program actually comes with several tier levels that have substantial benefits.

Unfortunately not only is the registration option disfunctional but searching for flights isn’t going smooth either.

The website’s search engine gets stuck when one day is sold out of flights and you can’t just select another date. Instead the sites “processing globe” keeps spinning for eternity so you have to start and enter the search all over again. Annoying!


Considering the launch of the airline has been in the works for so long would it have been too much to ask to test a website a little bit more before it goes live?

In any case the aircraft will be brand new and the interior looks really nice. The pictures of the food look absolutely delicious as well, one shall see how this differs to reality once it’s being served on the plane. I’m looking forward to try Starlux sometime in 2020 and who knows, maybe they even offer a status match at some point.