Hilton Honors 5,000 Points For Short Grand Vacations Club Sales Call: Points Finally Posting After Chasing Them Multiple Times


Early November John wrote about a promotion by Hilton Grand Vacations offering 5,000 Hilton Honors points to program members who call in and listen to a quick sales pitch from one of their representatives.

As soon as this offer was public I decided to give it a try and call HGV for this promotion, completed the call and was waiting for the points to post – for 6 weeks now.

These sales offers made by Hilton Grand Vacations is nothing new and they often have campaigns where the company (not owned by Hilton any longer) invites potential customers to a presentation for one of their timeshare projects in return for cheap or free hotel rooms plus something extra such as points.

You can find John’s article from early November here.

Hilton Honors members are eligible for 5,000 points for 10-minute long phone call and usually discounted rate and more bonus points (the website states 25,000) for buying a package to visit one of their properties.

You can access this offer on Hilton’s website here.

When I called this hotline to talk to one of their representatives they seemed quite surprised and said I was the first to even call in reference to this promotion since it was so new. It took them a couple minutes to find the proper code and to connect me to one of their sales representatives.

I actually found the conversation quite interesting, not like an intrusive sales pitch. I was very curious about the structure and the way it’s possible to convert the ownership points to Hilton Honors points. The call took far longer then the required 10 minutes because I had several questions about the HGV network and the link to HHonors.

In the end I told the agent that since I’m earning so many loyalty points at the moment it’s not economically feasible to enter in a timeshare scheme at this point because using the HHonors program to it’s full potential I can stay for much less money.

I then waited for the points. Weeks passed. A month passed. Then I wrote the agent for the first time that the points are still missing.

Last week I checked again and the points were still not in the account. This time I emailed the Hilton Diamond Desk and cc’d the HGV representative to coordinate between each other.

The points finally appeared several days later:

Overall a lot of back and forth just to get the 5000 points. I’m not sure if this is intentional and HGV would in fact never actually credit these points since they obviously have to pay Hilton Honors for these.


Wouldn’t it be to collect some data points in order to inform our readers I wouldn’t bother with these type of offers because the time it consumes is usually in no relation to the rather small amount of points.

Have you participated in this campaign and either received or still miss your points?

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