IHG Rewards Club Email Offering $100 Amazon Gift Card

IHG Rewards Club has gone on to a charm offensive this past month first by offering free award nights to select members, then gift choice for others, and finally Spire Elites.

Now, a reader forwarded us another offer of $100 Amazon gift card for merely accepting the gift. Nothing else was required.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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Here’s a copy of the email:

And here are the earlier pieces of these surprise gifts:

Surprise Free Night From IHG Rewards Club?

IHG Rewards Club Year-End Gift Choice!

Unexpected Spire Elite Status Upgrade By IHG Rewards Club?


Not sure how many members IHG Rewards Club has extended these gifts in 2019? Perhaps they had some budgeted cash left for use in this fiscal year (unused money in corporations doesn’t usually roll-over and may lead to budget cuts) and decided to blew it this way.

Good for those members that have been extended these gifts.