Compensation Clinic: Missed Connection In Helsinki & Finnair EC 261/2004 Compensation


This week the Compensation Clinic-pieces comes from a missed Finnair connection in Helsinki and EC 261/2004 compensation.

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You can access Finnair here.

Here’s what happened:

The reader had a ticket from Vaasa to Paris via Helsinki on Finnair. The connection time in Helsinki was 35 minutes.

The flight from Vaasa had taken off on time but had arrived at a remote gate in Helsinki, and passengers were bused to the terminal (I hate bus gates).

The connecting flight to Paris had already left, or the door closed by the time the reader got to the gate. They were rebooked on the next flight more than four hours latee.

She then had filed the EC 261/2004 compensation request on Finnair’s web page, and the compensation (400 euros) hit her account in about a week.

The minimum connecting times (MCT) in Helsinki are somewhat reasonable. I am not sure whether Paris is considered International or Domestic for MCT purposes as passengers traveling within Schengen are not required to pass through passport control.


There have been reports of Finnair not processing valid EC 261/2004 claims for passengers living in Finland as the consumer ombudsman in the country cannot adequately enforce (read fine the airline) the law.

I am surprised that the case here was processed swiftly. The reader is Finnair Gold (Oneworld Sapphire) that may have something to do how fast the claim was dealt with.