W Hotels Welcome MOMO – Bye Bye Bliss


Hotel bathroom amenities tend to be rather forgettable, with few even luxury hotels having soaps and shampoos that one would use at their home.

Marriott’s (previously Starwood’s) W hotels have, as far as I can recall, carried Bliss products, and some of the hotel SPA’s were previously under the same brand. Now, however, it seems that Bliss is slowly out, and MOMO is in.

You can access W hotels here.

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There are no more Bliss at the W store that is stocked up with these MOMO’s (access here):

You can still buy Bliss from their website (access here):


Bliss brand, for me, is something that is associated with the W brand, and I have always been glad to use then. I can understand that some guests may not like them as they are rather heavily scented.

I genuinely hope that this new MOMO line that is carried at W’s is not some Sysco supplied crap. I have not come across them yet.