Hilton To Launch Its 18th Brand Aimed At Young Professionals – Tempo By Hilton?

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WSJ today run a story that Hilton is about to launch a new brand (not yet named) in January that is targeted towards urban and local travelers.

Hilton this year already launched Motto (read more here) and luxury brand LXR in late 2018 (read more here).

You can access Hilton here.

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It may come as a coincidence, doubt it, but Hilton last week registered a new hotel brand – Tempo by Hilton:

Here’s an excerpt from WSJ (access their piece here):

The new Hilton brand has been in the works for about a year and will feature a lifestyle concept, focusing on modern design, and a bar and restaurant scene targeted at both urban travelers and locals, say people briefed on the matter.

Hilton hopes to appeal to a more affluent crowd than it does with some of its existing lifestyle brands such as Motto, or limited-service brands like Hilton Garden Inn, by offering bigger rooms and plusher amenities, these people said.

The lodging company has kept the brand’s name a secret but plans to unveil details next month, say people close to the matter.


There was a news piece last month about a Spark-brand that a Hilton franchisee would be using for a property. Could be that it is the development name for this Tempo by Hilton (Spark has been used as a name for product testing purposes previously under the DoubleTree).

There appears to be brand diarrhea among the hotel chains that are launching new ones frequently. Sometimes it is complicated to differentiate between new and existing offerings. Hilton’s situation is not as bad yet as with Accor or Marriott, who both have close to 40 often indistinguishable offerings for hotel developers.