Using Hilton Honors Points On Amazon?

Many of us who were shopping for holiday gifts on Amazon’s website were offered an option to pay wholly or partially using Hilton Honors points.

Hilton Honors and Amazon launched a partnership back in 2017 (read more here) that allows using of points for purchases after linking your accounts. This has created quite a bit of fraudulent activity, too (Hilton Honors accounts emptied).

You can access Hilton’s page for the partnership here.

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Here’s what you may see on Amazon when paying for purchases:

It first looks good that I have close to $2,000 worth of buying power on Amazon if redeeming my Hilton Honors points.

If you think, however, this values Hilton Honors points exactly at 0.2 cents each (one-fifth of a cent). This has not changed since the program was launched.

Hilton Honors sells its points at 0.5 cents each at several times every year when members can get a 100% bonus. Otherwise buying a point would be 1 cent each.

I would NOT use Hilton points for Amazon purchases unless:

1. I have absolutely no other use for them

You travel for business and don’t redeem points for free hotel rooms, or you earn more points than you can ever redeem.

2. My points are about to expire

Hilton Honors points expire after 12 months of inactivity. You can redeem points and reset the expiry of the rest or use them all

3. Cash poor but points rich

There is nothing wrong with redeeming points for merchandise if your cash balance could be better.

It makes sense, however, to link your Hilton and Amazon accounts to prevent others from linking them and draining your Honors balance that has happened to many:

Hilton Honors Account Hacked, Conrad Bora Bora Award Reservation Canceled & Customer Service Of Limited Help

Fraudster Cleaning Out Hilton Honors Accounts Via Amazon

Here’s how to connect:


It is always good to have more options to use points, but you should always strategically think about whether it makes sense or not. Using Hilton Honors points to Amazon purchases makes none unless you fall in one of the three scenarios above.

I didn’t use my close to million points for Merchandise. Will rather eventually use them towards hotel awards (burned 600K points this year).