British Airways Free WiFi In First


British Airways has been slowly rolling out the internet capability to its aircraft, something other airlines have had since the early 2000’s (Connexxion by Boeing back then).

British Airways Complimentary WiFi First Class

What surprises me is that the airline doesn’t advertise or communicate that this service is complimentary for those in the first-class cabin. You only see the message when you open the service in your device.

You can usually buy the WiFi access for the entire flight or one to three hours at a variable price. Unlike some other airlines, there is no limit on the number of megabytes transferred.

The service itself (I have now used it twice) is fine for messaging and light browsing. It is challenging to get anything done that involves transferring large’ish files.


Many airlines offer WiFi access to business and first-class passengers, and some also to their top tier elite members. British Airways Gold (Oneworld Emerald) and Gold Guest List-members have to pay like anyone else, however.

I have no issues for paying in-flight internet access on daytime flights to get some work done IF they can guarantee adequate bandwidth. The quality of the BA one was frustrating at times, but I was able to get some done but not to the extent I had wished.