Last Day To Purchase World Of Hyatt Points At 40% Bonus In Current Calendar Year (Ends December 31, 2019)

World of Hyatt’s last promotion of 2019 for buying points with up to 40% bonus is coming to an end today and tomorrow the counter will start again (Hyatt has an annual limit based on the calendar year for purchasing points).

Members can buy up to 55,000 points every calendar year before any bonuses and Hyatt usually runs several promotions for buying points throughout the year.

There are a couple of different varieties how Hyatt sells their points, either at a discount off the price or a bonus in points but they always max out at 40%.

You can also try to purchase Hyatt points through the Daily Getaways once a year.

You can access this offer and check your bonus on Hyatt’s website here.

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The Bonus Table for this campaign is as follows:

A minimum purchase of 5,000 points is required to receive the 40% which is very fair. Usually such promotions require a larger purchase for the maximum bonus amount.

The purchase price at 40% bonus, maximum amount of points:

The cost of a World of Hyatt point purchased under this offer at 40% bonus is 1.71 cents each.

Does it make sense to purchase points?

You have to do the math based on each property you’re interested in. Mostly the high value properties such as Maldives or nowadays Park Hyatt Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris etc can make sense to purchase and book via points. Especially during peak season such as April (Sakura) in Japan.

Award rooms with Hyatt are available as long as standard rooms are available for sale. This means that points are usually a good value if something is going on in the city that brings the paid rates throughout the roof.

Keep in mind that Hyatt has just announced they will introduce seasonality pricing which can have a severe impact on the value of purchased points.


Hyatt sells points several times throughout the year, and the bonus usually maxes at a 40% bonus. If you have been contemplating buying points it would make sense to do it now because it won’t get much lower and the purchased amount would reset at midnight on the 31st of December so theoretically you could buy another 55k a minute later if you wanted to.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Offer available with purchases made between 12:01 am ET November 14, 2019 and ends 11:59 pm December 31, 2019. Purchase 5,000 or more Bonus Points in a single transaction and receive 40% additional Bonus Points. Bonus Points will be awarded upon completion of individual transaction. In order to participate in a purchase transaction, you must be a member for at least 60 days to purchase or receive Bonus Points. Bonus Points can be purchased in increments of 1,000, up to 55,000 points per calendar year. Members can receive points in increments of 1,000, up to 55,000 points per calendar year. Additional Bonus Points awarded under this offer do not count towards these maximums. Offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Only purchases made online are eligible for the promotion.

Price includes all applicable fees. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. This transaction is completed by .Purchased points are not refundable and transactions are non-reversible. Purchased points are applicable toward all World of Hyatt awards. Points purchased using this option will post within 48 hours. You may purchase World of Hyatt Bonus points in increments of 1,000 up to 55,000 points per calendar year. Purchased points do not count toward World of Hyatt elite membership tiers. All World of Hyatt Terms and Conditions apply.