Pick Your Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefit Options 2019 Until January 15, 2020 – Five Elite Nights Count Towards Lifetime Status!


Marriott Bonvoy introduced their Annual Choice Benefit-options for members that reach 50 and 75 nights per calendar year and members have to choose an option until January 15th before the Suite Night Awards will be deposited by default.

John wrote about his experience with the Suite Night Awards earlier this week and I decided to do a bit more research into other options before choosing these rather useless certificates.

Marriott Bonvoy sometimes forgets to email eligible members after they reach the night requirements to select the award, but you can do it using the link below. If a member doesn’t make a choice, Marriott will choose the Suite Night Awards as a default option (not necessarily the best).

You can access Marriott’s page for choosing Choice-benefit here.

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You must make the 2019 Annual Elite Benefits Choice by 11:59PM ET on January 15, 2020 for both 50 and 75 nights levels.

Here are the 50 nights Choice Benefit-options:

  • Five Elite Night Credits
  • 40% off your favorite hotel bed
  • Marriott Bonvoy™ Silver Elite status for a friend or family member
  • US$100 donation to UNICEF
  • Five Suite Night Awards

On the face of it the Five Elite Nights Credits-option is only useful if it helps you to reach 75 (or 100) nights, otherwise it won’t help you any further in hard benefits.

There is however a small bonus with these five nights.

The Terms & Conditions of the Bonvoy program now state that these nights will count towards the lifetime status:

E.      Five Elite Night Credits

(1)    Upon an eligible Platinum Elite Member selecting the Five Elite Night Credits as his/her Annual Choice Benefit, the Platinum Member will have his/her Member Account credited with five (5) bonus Elite Nights which count toward earning Elite status and Lifetime Elite status.  Elite Nights and Elite membership status are subject to the Program Rules in section 4.2.b.

(2)    The five (5) Elite Night Credits will be reflected in the Member Account within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of the confirmation of the Annual Choice Benefit selection.

(3)    Elite Nights that are awarded to an eligible Platinum Elite Member as the Platinum Elite Member’s Annual Choice Benefit will be awarded in the Eligible Status Year for which the Elite Nights were earned, regardless of when the Platinum Elite Member selects the Five Elite Night Credits as his/her Annual Choice Benefit.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Eligible Calendar Year in which the Annual Choice Benefit is earned is the Eligible Calendar Year for which the Elite Nights will be credited toward earning Elite membership status.

That moves the value of the five bonus nights into a different dimension, especially if you’re relatively close to it and can’t really use any of the other options.

I decided to go for it and picked the five nights.

The nights posted within a couple of hours to my lifetime counter. Being already 2020 they obviously won’t show up in the general counter anymore.

Remember whatever choice you make in regards to the Elite Choices you have to do so before January 15th 2020 or Marriott will choose the 5 Suite Night Awards by default.


I’m now sitting at a comfortable 448 lifetime nights with another one bonus night should post this week for the annual birthday benefit. I should be able to reach Marriott Platinum within the next two years. Every little bit helps and this includes the 15 nights from the credit card, five elite nights and even the one birthday night.

As I’ve said before the remaining benefits on the list aren’t really much to write home about. The restrictiveness of the Suite Night Awards is even more evident considering how many readers have reported that they have almost all of them expiring.