Taking Food Out Of Club Lounge?


There are times when you see a guest taking a banana, water bottle, or glass of wine out from the club lounge, but I have not previously seen some walk out with plates of food.

Whine Wednesdays Club Lounge

I was surprised to see these two gentlemen walk out from the club lounge with food. Is it so difficult to eat it in the hotel provided space?

This took place at the Marriott Reforma Hotel in Mexico City late last week.

Some hotels have signs around the lounge that the food and beverage items are for club consumption only.


There is this thing called a room service if someone prefers to eat hotel provided food in the privacy of their room/suite, or you can use one of the app-based delivery services.

I have seen many hotels stopping people from walking out of the club with anything and rightfully so. The lounge is not intended to be a personal pantry.

What do you think? Should guests be allowed to take food and beverage items out from the club lounge? Please leave a comment below.

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