American Airlines Cancels EVIPS From Matched Executive Platinum Members


American Airlines and World of Hyatt launched in 2019 reciprocal elite benefits with bonus points and miles (read more here and here) with occasional status match and fast track opportunities.

American Airlines World of Hyatt Globalist

Then in last month, World of Hyatt contacted select Globalist members offering them American Airlines Executive Platinum status (read more here) through 2021.

You can access Hyatt’s page for AA partnership here.

EDIT: It is unclear whether these EVIPS reversals are related to the Hyatt/AA match based on the comments left..

Now, American Airlines has been sending out emails to members who got their Globalist matched to Executive Platinum. AA had deposited four systemwide upgrades, usually called EVIPS, with the match, but has now decided to remove them.


I never thought that these EVIPS deposited by American Airlines would have been a mistake. You could argue that they are needed to test the Executive Platinum program.

A reader forward us the email that AA had sent to him. He told me that he hadn’t even realized the upgrade deposit that was now reversed.