Marriott Bonvoy Award Reservation Irregularities (Monitor Your Accounts)


Marriott Bonvoy has been unstable ever since the Marriott Rewards and SPG program merged back in August 2018 due to outdated IT implementation (and perhaps Accenture too).

Marriott Bonvoy

Several readers have contacted us over the past couple of days about their account irregularities associated with award reservations. You should monitor your Marriott Bonvoy account for excess withdrawals.

Here’s one email:

I just thought I’d pass along an experience with my Bonvoy account. Last March, I redeemed 360,000 points for a seven day stay at the Westin in Grand Cayman for March of this year.

Yesterday, I happened to check my Bonvoy account and saw a redemption of 410,000 points for that same reservation. I went back to check the activity log and saw that the original 310,000 point redemption was removed.

After talking to a Bonvoy agent they restored the difference between the two amounts but were not able to tell me why the change was made. I asked them to open a case to investigate how it is that activity can be erased with no evidence and I am looking forward to a coherent answer. Is this common?

Here’s another:

It occurred to me after I sent my first message that a copy of what my Marriott account looked like would probably be helpful. So I copied what was

posted under the activity section of my Marriott account. You can see my original redemption was 6/20/2019 for -100,000 points and then on 1/5/2020 they added +100,000 points and then redid the reservation taking out -110,000 twice (220,000). I got Marriott to put the 120,000 extra points back into my account. I found out about this error only because I got an e-mail confirming my reservation and it reflected the 220,000 points redemption. I am very interested to know if this happened to anyone else.

Marriott Account Activity Section:

01/05/2020                       Rewards Standard Redemption Rate

01/05/2020,                      Refunded +100,000 Rewards                       +100,000 Points

06/20/2019                      Rewards Standard Redemption Rate

06/20/2019,                       Redeemed -100,000 Rewards                     -100,000 Points

01/05/2020                        Rewards Standard Redemption Rate

01/05/2020,                       Redeemed -110,000 Rewards                     -110,000 Points

01/05/2020                        Rewards Standard Redemption Rate

01/05/2020,                       Redeemed -110,000 Rewards                     -110,000 Points


These are unfortunately not isolated incidents but rather plague the program as a whole if there has been a change in the number of points required for award.

It appears that the system cancels the award reservation and then withdraws the higher number of points. This should not happen to reservations that already have the points/certificates attached to them.

There has been no communication from Marriott Bonvoy about these incidents, and they only act if the program member notices them and contacts customer service for a resolution. This is not the correct way to handle a widespread issue such as this.