Hilton Honors Lifetime Status Progress Visibility Coming In 2020

Hilton Honors made its lifetime Diamond-status requirements public back in 2015 (read more here).

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Lifetime members were first able to choose their preferred gift (read more here), but subsequently, members have been sent a set package (read more here and here).

You can access Hilton’s page for lifetime status requirements here.

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Here are the requirements:

Lifetime Diamond Status will be awarded to select Hilton Honors members, who have completed* Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have completed stays totaling at least 1,000 paid and/or reward nights OR who have completed* Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have earned at least 2 million Base Points over life of membership, pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions. Once earned, standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions apply. Lifetime Diamond Status is granted at the discretion of Hilton Honors Worldwide, LLC and may be ended, or amended with or without notice or compensation, at Hilton Honors’ sole discretion.

  • Ten years as a Diamond


  • 1,000 consumed nights


  • 2,000,000 base points

The issue has been and still is that you need to email the Diamond desk to find out where you stand when it comes to the number of nights, Diamond status years, and lifetime points earned.

We got a word from Hilton that they plan to bring this information online in 2020 (hopefully sooner than later).

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It is about the time to bring this information online, and it certainly helps with Hilton Honors too. They must receive thousands of requests each year for this information, and it appears to be a very labor-intensive process considering how long it takes to get it.