Compensation Clinic: Hilton Helsinki Airport Temperature Issues


This week the Compensation Clinic-case comes from a stay at the Hilton Helsinki Airport that is owned and operated by Scandic (competitor in the Nordics once owned by Hilton).

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You can access Hilton Helsinki Airport website here.

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Here’s what happened:

As I had an early morning flight out from Helsinki on 27th of December, I decided to stay at the Hilton’s airport property that is owned and operated by Scandic.

You could set the room temperature to 19 Celsius, but it wouldn’t go lower than 23.7, which is too hot to sleep. You cannot open the windows.

I placed three calls to the front desk, and none of them were answered.

Here’s the email that I sent to Guest Assistance:

Room temperature at 24 Celsius is too high to be able to sleep comfortably. You cannot open windows that would resolve the problem (0 Celsius outside).

Placed three phone calls (each rang for more than a minute) and nobody at the Guest Service Hotline or Front Desk is answering. Cannot exercise the “Make It Right” guarantee.

Request 30,000 points for the inconvenience.

Here’s first reply from the Guest Assistance:

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and dissatisfaction caused. Your concerns have been shared with the hotel senior management.

We would love to intervene however, at this point in time since you are still at the property, we are giving the hotel management a chance to resolve any complaint from the guest who are still in house. Once you have checked out with no resolution was made on the hotel end, please reply with this message and we will be happy to assist with all of your concerns.

For further concerns, please reach out to the Property General Manager Jouni Kaivola at 9-73220 who will be your best resource to immediately resolve any issues on your stay.

Here’s a response from the hotel:

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty as a Hilton Honor’s Diamond member. Hence, the complimentary room upgrade from a Standard Room to a Junior Suite during your recent stay with us. Your message from Guest Assistance concerning your recent stay 26-27 of December 2019 has been brought to our attention.

We regret to hear that your stay was not as comfortable as you hoped. May we know around what time did you phone the Front Desk? There may have been issues with the phone line last night since your call was not attended to. This is alarming for us too. Our apologies for this unfortunate incident. In addition, we will definitely add a note to your Hilton profile about the room temperature so that in the future we can select a room with a desirable temperature. What would be the optimal temperature to suit your needs?

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a good weekend!

Here’s my reply to the Guest Assistance:

Issues not resolved. Please proceed.

This hotel is owned and operated by Scandic. I don’t think that they have any incentive to provide Hilton-level of service when they have their own hotel next door.

Here’s a response from the Guest Assistance:

Thank you for contacting Hilton Guest Assistance. It will be my pleasure to assist with your maintenance concern at the Hilton Helsinki Airport.

I understand your frustration and appreciate you contacting us to share your concerns. As a valued Hilton Honors Member, I am pleased to show you how important guest service is to us. I am truly sorry your visit did not meet your standards.

I’ve credited 30,000 Hilton Honors Points to your account. These points may take up to 24 hours to appear. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

The points promptly posted to my account.


This hotel is simply badly managed. I once, previous stay, left the phone ringing and nobody ever picked it up. I guess that as they are owned and operated by Scandic, they have no incentive to have it adequately staffed (they have Scandic property next door).

I have only stayed at this hotel when I have an early flight. I don’t see any other reason to stay there. There are much better hotels in Helsinki downtown.