Audit Your Hilton Honors Stays For Missing Power Up-Promo Points


Hilton Honors launched back in August (read more here) Promo Up-promotion that was valid for stays between September 9 – January 5, 2020.

Hilton Honors Double & Triple Fall 2019

Members were eligible for double points and an additional 100% bonus for paying using Hilton Honors affiliated credit card. There is, however, an issue for Hilton correctly posting the points that we already previously reported (read more here and here).

You can access this offer on Hilton’s website here.

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I just went through my stays over this promotion:

  • Correctly posted: 9
  • Previously fixed: 4
  • Incorrect: 8

Only 9 stays out of 21 (43%) were correctly posted with credit card bonus points. Not good.


Hilton Honors should not run promotions such as this if they cannot ensure that the payment card information is correctly recorded at the time of settling the folio.

I used DKB issued Hilton Honors credit card to pay for all of these stays. I never use it for anything else, and not even worth regularly use to pay for Hilton stays due to lackluster bonus points and foreign exchange fees for payments outside of Euro-area.

Hilton Honors has been pretty good at fixing these. I just got some push back for fixing the last 8. I don’t have the settled folios with payment card information with me. I asked them to request them from the properties in question.

I had a couple of expensive stays during this period and missing 50K+ points.

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