Reader Question: What Happened To The Cheap Malaysia Airlines Premium Fares Ex Thailand (No Longer Available)?


Today we got a Reader Question about the popular Malaysia Airlines Business Class fares ex Thailand that have been available for several years and suddenly faded away.

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For several years Malaysia Airlines has offered very low Business Class fares from Bangkok and Phuket to a plethora of destinations all over Asia Pacific including those that earned a maximum amount of tier points with British Airways Executive Club and other programs.

In fact the fares were sometimes so cheap that they undercut the economy class rates that were sold on exactly the same flights. We have covered these sales comprehensively over the years.

Our reader Raffael asks:

I’m based in Phuket HKT and miss the MAS business fares. They helped me keep status with BA for many years but during 2019 there were rarely any good deals available. Will they ever come back?

While it’s impossible to foresee if an airline will come out with sales at a specific time I can place a good guess that Malaysia Airlines – over the course of several management changes – realized that these cut throat deals ex Thailand for their premium cabins weren’t earning them any money.

At one point I booked return flights on MH from Bangkok to Beijing for $270 round trip in Business Class. Such pricing is crazy and simply not profitable.

Most recently the sales prices have been based around the average competitive price for Business Class tickets in the region.

For example Malaysia Airlines current fares from Bangkok are:

  • Bali 23,000 THB
  • Singapore 14,500 THB
  • Seoul 33,000 THB
  • Shanghai 28,000 THB
  • Taipei 25,000 THB
  • Tokyo 42,000 THB

Those fares aren’t cheap anymore, especially considering the strong Thai Baht at the moment. I guess Singapore is reasonable (still $477). Of course it can be still reasonable to book a 25,000 THB trip to Taipei but that’s US$820 so even for 360 Tier points on the high side.


The MH fare period counts under the “It was fun while it lasted” category. Luckily myself and others were able to benefit from these generous fares several years. I typically booked 3-4 round trips on MH per year but since they didn’t renew the low fare offers I can’t remember having flown even a single round trip in 2019. I did book a few cheap Economy tickets on them though.

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