How Many Rows Of British Airways Club Europe?


The beauty of the short-haul business class on most European airlines from their perspective is the fact that it is an economy seating with middle seat blocked and some food and beverages served.


Airlines can adjust the number of business class seats based on how well or not they are selling and move the curtain. But is there a limit on how many rows of business you can have and serve on narrow-body flights and with the limited number of flight attendants?

I am ticketed on British Airways flight from London to Helsinki later this week. The business class section is all the way through the exit rows.

The usual number of business class on these European flights tend to be the first 3 to 5 rows. In this case, however, there are supposedly 12 that could accommodate up to 48 passengers.

The flight time from London to Helsinki is blocked at three hours but, in reality, is roughly two and a half. Considering that this is one of the longer short-haul flights, the crew may be able to complete the business class service.


I may have to change this flight to a different one resulting throwing it away or trying to get BA to rebook or waive fees.

I really don’t care about the service on these short-haul (and most long) flights. If I need to eat something, I tend to do it at the CX lounge at Heathrow (Helsinki flights are from the Terminal 3) before the flight and then just tune out for the duration of the flight.

Not sure if there is a limit on the Club Europe seats British Airways is willing to sell on these flights? Surely there is a maximum number of passengers that can reasonably be served on most flights to Central Europe because they take roughly an hour.