Whine Wednesdays: Useless (Low Data Volume) Inflight WiFi Vouchers For Business/First Class Travelers


In this episode of Whine Wednesdays we’re talking about airlines that give customers in First or Business Class a voucher for inflight internet but very often it’s only for a very limited data volume.

Some airlines are better than others in terms of what data allowance they give their passengers but with very few exceptions it’s low and sometimes used up within a few minutes of connecting.

There are vast differences in what carriers alot to their customers for the duration of the flight and some of these vouchers are truly ridiculous.

Thai Airways for example hands out vouchers for 20 MB sessions which is absolutely useless for any serious online activity, and by that I don’t mean sending your friend a WhatsApp message how great it is to sit in First Class. Quite possibly that these 20MB last less than 10 minutes.

SWISS isn’t much better, their vouchers are good for 50MB each

ANA was actually ok, each of their vouchers is good for 100MB

I went through four vouchers during the flight, usually you can ask the crew for extras until they are out of these vouchers. You just have to scratch off each card and enter the code separately.

Other airlines offer internet limited by time, not volume such as Qatar Airways (30 Minutes). At least you can download larger files with this method.

Lufthansa gives their First Class passengers limitless Wifi for the entire duration of the flight through FlyNet.

The issue with these small vouchers or better the reason for them is that the Wifi is not operated by the airline but a telecom provider, hence the airline still needs to pay for the usage even on their own flights. This gives of course an inventive to cut down the allowance per passenger.


I’m not an opponent of having to pay for inflight Wifi, quite the opposite. If it’s free then everyone logs in and the connection speed is pretty much unusable. I rather pay a reasonable amount and be able to use the internet properly for the duration of the flight.

As far as premium cabins are concerned I think that First Class should receive vouchers that allows unlimited internet or at least in 500MG increments, not fumble around with small 20MB vouchers like Thai has them.