Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus Changes March 1, 2020

Bangkok Airways calls itself as Asia’s boutique airline that has partnered with many airlines flying to/from Thailand, providing them with much-needed connectivity.

Now, Bangkok Airways is making changes to its Flyer Bonus program effective March 1, 2020.

You can access Bangkok Airways here.

Here is the chart that FlyerBonus emailed:


Bangkok Airways mints money with its airport in Koh Samui, which is not served by any other airline domestically, and only with a handful of airlines from nearby countries.

Domestic airfares in Thailand are reasonable unless you need to fly/to from Koh Samui and, due to the short flight times, it makes sense to book on the price and schedule.

FlyerBonus program can make sense for someone living on Koh Samui that needs to travel to/from the island monthly. Otherwise, it is rather challenging to have a status with them unless you are always willing to choose to fly Bangkok Airways and pay a premium.

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