Marriott Check In Invitation For A Canceled Reservation?


Marriott has had numerous IT issues ever since program integration with SPG back in August 2018 from never-ending website outages to canceled reservation that somehow are still active at the hotel level.

Marriott Bonvoy Cancellation

I had a reservation for EDITION London that I decided to cancel and stay elsewhere. Ten hours after the cancellation email came through, Marriott sent me am online check-in invitation.

There have been numerous issues with Marriott reservations over the past 16 months. Members have reported that hotels have had their canceled bookings showing as active (possible cancellation penalties), and most recently, Marriott has been canceling award reservations and rebooking them at a higher rate.


It still amazes me how incompetent the Marriott’s IT managers and Accenture have been dealing with the system issues. You can understand that there could be issues for a week or two after a merger such as this but 16 months down the road?

I am surprised that heads haven’t rolled at the Marriott HQ. These issues are not just noise around the edges as the Marriott CEO has defined them.

And as there is zero advantage for “checking-in” through the app with Marriott, why would I?

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