China Suspends All Group Tours Effective Monday


As the Coronavirus outbreak continues in China and other countries, the Chinese government has decided to suspend all group tours.

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Domestic group tours were all suspended effective Friday, and all international ones will on Monday. Tours that are in progress can continue their schedules as planned. This change won’t affect travelers that have booked their flights and hotels individually.

Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times (access their piece here):

China said on Saturday that it would suspend all tour groups and the sale of flight and hotel packages for its citizens headed overseas, starting on Monday.

The association for China’s travel agencies said tour groups that were in the middle of their trips could proceed with their itineraries but should closely monitor the health of their travelers.

This measure may come as welcome news to countries that have been gearing up to screen travelers from China for fevers and other signs of infection.


Although individual tourism has been on the rise from China, the majority of the Chinese still travel as part of a group tour tailored to their preferences. These domestic and international group tours have now all been canceled.

The cancellation of groups from China, however temporarily, will hurt most airlines serving the country and hotels all over the world due to the sheer number of tourists from the country.