Compensation Clinic: AC By Marriott Doral, Miami Airport – No Hot Water, Incorrect Breakfast Charges


This weeks Compensation Clinic makes a stop at the AC Hotel Miami Airport West/Doral where one of our readers had a very bumpy stay to say the least.

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Sometimes hotels suffer not only from maintenance and mechanical related issues but also from a lack of proper accounting and organization skills by management and this seems to be the case at this AC by Marriott hotel where one of our readers stayed for two nights.

William contacted us as he was staying at Miami Airport where he encountered problems with his stay:


I’m at the AC Miami Airport and despite multiple visits of a technician there is no hot water in my room. I can change rooms tomorrow but this is bad. Any advice? I paid with points for two nights here.

I recommended that if the hotel is sold out and he can only change the next day with no hot water available he should talk to the front desk and ask for one of the two nights to be credited back to his Marriott Bonvoy account (20k points).

He replied the next morning:

Talked to the front desk and they didn’t recognize there is a problem, let alone compensate for this. How to escalate?

I suggested to specifically ask for the Manager or even General Manager of the hotel. Also to top it off, call his previous room and see if another guest has checked in to give a pointer to check if the hot water works.

A short while later after doing so he went back to the front desk and surprise, the Front Office Manager was just in the process of writing him an email:


It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon. As per our conversation I have posted 20,000 points onto your account for the inconvenience experienced during your stay in regards to the hot water issue.

We thank you for your continuous loyalty and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back soon.

Please feel free to reach out to Debbie, Kelsis or myself for any of your future reservation needs.

Have a great day!

[Name redacted] | Front Office Manager

AC by Marriott Miami Airport – West Doral

That matter was resolved to satisfaction. However the ordeal wasn’t over yet a few days after returning from the property he noticed a charge on the credit card:

He contacted Marriott Customer Service to file a formal complaint and the hotel replied that they have identified and reversed the incorrect charge.


Sometimes when staying at a hotel that has a lackluster management many things go wrong,not just one. When there is a lack of supervision it goes like a red line through every department especially when employees start to feel they don’t have to be on their toes and do their due diligence when it comes to processing guest inquiries and even basic tasks like responding to immediately respond to valid complaints like lack of hot water. To then later deny there ever was a problem is a total joke! Apparently it still hasn’t been fixed for the next guest after our reader gave the room a ring.

The incorrect charge added after the guest checked out is also a no no. Most people will probably not find the charge or care enough to contact the hotel for a refund of less than $20.