Emirates Has Scheduled 5th Freedom Flights Between Singapore – Penang, Operated By B777-300 From April 9th 2020

Travelers who like to fly with Emirates will soon be able to enjoy one more fifth freedom route in South East Asia as the carrier will begin flying between Singapore and Penang, Malaysia in April.

Emirates will operate this route with a B777-300ER in full First Class/Business Class/Economy Class configuration.

This is one of the shortest fifth freedom flights around and depending on the class of service desired can either be a good deal or hopelessly overpriced.

You can access Emirates here for checking pricing for your desired dates with service beginning on April 9th 2020.

I found the following prices:

Economy Class is a great deal and if someone wants to fly this for fun it’s even possible to do a turnaround on the same day (roughly 5 hours ground time). I don’t think it’s worth it in Premium Class ex Singapore though, back to back ticketing might be a solution in this case.

The pricing from Penang to Singapore is different, in fact it’s three times higher in Economy but a lot cheaper than ex SIN for Premium cabins: Mind you, these segments to Penang are of course tag on flights after/before the aircraft operates Dubai flights.

The flights operate as follows:

EK348 Departing Dubai to Singapore 2:30AM arriving 14:05PM

EK348 Departing Singapore to Penang 15:35PM arriving 17:15PM

EK349 Departing Penang to Singapore 10:20PM arriving 11:50PM

EK349 Departing Singapore to Dubai 1:40AM arriving 4:55AM

A quick 1:30h flight between the two cities. Booking this standalone probably warrants nothing more than an economy flight except for the novelty aspect of Business/First Class.

I’d love to know what kind of service can be expected in First Class on this route. How much Champagne can one drink in an hour or so?


There is quite a bit of competition on the Singapore-Penang Route (vv) including the common budget carriers and also Silk Air. It might be worthwhile to consider if these carriers really provide a good value especially with them being picky with baggage and having many extra charges. It might actually be a much better value to just book emirates.

Being on the Emirates flight however means that it’s a lot more passenger volume so it might take longer to handle the flight and get in/out of the plane.

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