Hilton Honors Master Property List January 2020 (6,010 Hotels)


Hilton Honors back in February 2019 launched a Points Explorer tool (read more here) that allows members to check the maximum award pricing at their favorite hotels.

We published last week a definitive list of all Hilton affiliated hotels at 5,000 and 10,000 points per night (read more here). We have compiled the entire award list that is available both as PDF and spreadsheet as of January 2020.

You can access Hilton’s Points Explorer here.

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The points explorer lists and returns prices at other than maximum level as well if the hotel in question has been cheaper at some point in time.

The file that we have compiled have the maximum price for standard awards. The standard or premium awards may price lower at times when the paid rates are low.

Here’s the previous article about 5,000 and 10,000 points hotels for 2020:

Hilton Honors 5,000 & 10,000 Points Per Night Hotels (January 2020)

Hilton Honors Master Property List (PDF):

Download (PDF, 2.68MB)

Hilton Honors Master Property List (Excel):

Download (XLSX, 353KB)

Buying Hilton Honors points:

Hilton Honors members can usually buy points at up to 100% bonus. You can check if your account has bonus available here or use the 60% bonus that is available until the end of March 2020 (likely extended).

Hilton Honors Buy Points 100% Bonus Through February 19, 2020

Hilton Honors Buy Points December 31 2019

Hilton Honors Buy Points 60% Bonus through March 31, 2020


We thought that having these published as PDF and Excel makes sorting more manageable, and we have now added the US states as well.

This list now consists of 6.010 hotels compared to 5,850 in September, 5,775 (June), 5,508 (April) and 5,310 (February). Seven hundred new hotels within a less than a year is quite an achievement.