American Airlines Is Still Processing Executive Platinum Nominations For Invited World of Hyatt Globalists

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Since early December of 2019 we have covered a special promotion where World of Hyatt concierges are contacting select Globalists, offering them AA Executive Platinum status through January 2021.

Some customers who weren’t automatically contacted by their concierge (including myself) were able to actively ask for this promotion and as John wrote recently it seems like American is finally getting around to upgrade the accounts.

I was a bit skeptical because I contacted Hyatt early December and even though my new concierge said she would forward my data to American to upgrade the status per this campaign, yet nothing happened.

We first wrote about this here on December 6th which is about the time I contacted Hyatt as well. Two weeks ago John followed up with his article that status has finally been updated for him on January 18th. This was rather confusing to me because he never got contacted by Hyatt and I still had nothing despite being in touch with them since early December.

So it appears there is really no specific sequence in which American Airlines processes these tier upgrades which was a cause for concern based on many emails we got.

Despite initial reports and even an email from American to members they would retroactively remove the four EVIP upgrades from the members account they still credited for me this week.

I have to read into how to use these eVIPs again because the last time I held the status was probaly 7-8 years ago and things have changed since then.

This is a nice little bonus because 4 eVIP upgrades allow me 2 round trips between Asia and North America this year to be upgraded to Business Class if I find availability.

It makes sense to sign up for these partnerships and link your accounts. You never know when you might targeted for some bonus points or miles or status match opportunity and in the case with Hyatt/American you also earn a small amount of points for Dual Earning based on spend with either the hotel or the airline.


If you’re still waiting for your account upgrade you can also ask your concierge to check with AA again especially if you have a trip coming up.

I have Lifetime Gold status with American at the moment that maps to Oneworld Ruby. However in recent years (since 2012), I have credited my oneworld flights to BA’s Executive Club as it’s much easier to reach Oneworld Emerald. At least it used to be.