British Airways Unable To Confirm If You Flew Their Flight?


A friend of mine recently flew on British Airways from Helsinki to Denver and, due to availability issues, ticketed the return DEN-LHR flight on Finnair codeshare.

The first two segments posted just fine to her Executive Club account, but the return did not. I said to her that she would need to do a retroclaim with the airline (BA), and this is when the issues started.

Here’s the response received from British Airways:

I then asked for a friend the first three digits of the ticket number to figure out who issued the ticket:

It turns out that it was British Airways, and the return flight was also operated by BA yet marketed by Finnair. There is no way that BA wouldn’t be aware of the passengers on the said flight.

The electronic ticket would show the coupon used and, hence, means that the passenger was on the said flight.


Star Alliance credit per the operating carrier regardless of the marketing one. Oneworld, however, processes these based on who is the marketing carrier for the segment.

This can lead to situations where even business class flights operated by Oneworld airline are not eligible for a credit if marketed by an airline that doesn’t belong to the alliance.

I hate when segments don’t correctly post, and you need to follow up with the retroclaims. Sometimes, the airline may even ask for a physical boarding pass to be mailed in.

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