Reader Question: Adequate Compensation For W To Le Meridien Walk?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about a situation in Goa where W hotel appears to be sold out for a night, and they try to move the guest, a Platinum member, to a Le Meridien hotel.

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You can Marriott’s page for Guarantees here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

We are travelling to india from the us and staying at the W goa for 4 nights.  We just got an email the day before checkin that one day is overbooked and are sending us to the Meridien canalgute about 30 mins away.

We are platinum guests and told us they will reimburse us for that evening and give us 90,000 points.  Do you think that is acceptable given the circumstances?  Anything else we could or should do?  We are obviously upset and disappointed and quite stunned as well.

Here’s Marriott’s Ultimate Reservation Guarantee:

It seems that the hotel got two of the three required things right; the number of points (90,000) and payment for the night at a comparable hotel.

They need to, however, reimburse the guest also $200. Note that this is not a deduction from the hotel folio but a cash compensation. If you don’t need Indian currency, you may ask them to apply this amount as a payment towards your hotel folio.

You can also ask for additional points, if you need them, instead of $200 in cash. Marriott hotels pay $60 for every 10,000 points issues as a compensation. The additional point amount would need to be at minimum 40,000 to make sense for the reader.


It is very unfortunate when even some luxury hotel appear not to know their own guarantees. I don’t think that I have ever received an email from a reader where a hotel would have fulfilled all the requirements without a push.

You can also argue whether Le Meridien is an adequate replacement for a W. I would say that W hotels tend to be a notch better than Le Meridiens (most of the time). The reader could also have a look at what other hotels are available and request to be moved to a better one, even if not affiliated with Marriott.

You should never willingly move to a lower quality hotel than what you booked.

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