InterContinental Hong Kong “Love Is In The Air”


Who would think that today would be the best time to send out an email to push their Valentines brunch at InterContinental Hong Kong when the first coronavirus death was reported in the city?

The wording on the email is also improper. When I received this, my first thought was that there is certainly something else in the air, coronavirus, than love.

You can access InterContinental Hong Kong’s website here.

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Here’s text on the email:


Hong Kong hotels were already facing occupancy and rate issues before this virus outbreak in Mainland China due to violent protests that took place in the city throughout 2019.

Now, the Hong Kong SAR government has closed most of the border crossings and reduced the flight activity between the mainland. The Chinese government has stopped issuing visas for Mainland citizens that flock the city, and most international travelers have doubts visiting or even transiting in Hong Kong.

This email from InterContinental Hong Kong was badly timed and worded. Don’t their marketing department think twice before hitting the send button?