Update On British Airways Executive Club Earnings Error For Japan Airlines: Adjusted Booking Classes Now Live!

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For about two months now a reader is seeking remedy for an obvious error in British Airways Executive Club earning structure for Japan Airlines on the Helsinki-Narita Route in Business Class.

I wrote about this in early January and even contacted BA to show them the issue, just to receive relies from them that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, now they have realigned booking classes.

Our reader had two flights on Japan Airlines via Helsinki and was wondering why the earnings for Avios were so low on his account despite flying in paid Business Class.

He reached out to us and we decided to investigate with at least some results.

Hi John & Sebastian:

I’m frequently traveling on the Helsinki to Tokyo Route via Japan Airlines (much better than Finnair) and realized that British Airways credits me the incorrect amount of Avios every single time. The company books Business Class for me yet I only get 3660 Avios points per way. They do credit me the correct 140 status points though. British Airways is ignoring my requests to fix it. Is this a known problem?


This sounds like an odd problem indeed. I never had a problem with British Airways crediting the wrong amount of miles or Avios in this case but it seems someone programmed the earnings chart incorrectly and it must have been going on for quite some time.

BAEC had bundled all Business Class booking classes into the same category on the HEL-NRT Route:

As per the mileage calculator on ba.com Business Class in all paid classes earned just 3660 Avios. The same as Economy semi-flex and much less than Premium Economy. This is an obvious error so why isn’t British Airways fixing this?

Well they did now after I emailed with them several times:

Business Class in Saver Class (I) has however remained in the extremely low earnings category and that’s across the board on all routes, not only HEL-NRT.

I have received the following message this week from British Airways:

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

I am still awaiting on our team to advise if/how we will be backdated any Avios points, however I have been advised today that the calculator has now been updated on BA.com and all flights will now be credited correctly in future.

Please feel free to let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Kind regards
British Airways Executive Club

The lady who has been attending to the case has done so in a professional manner after I complained about the most recent email communication that I published in the initial post where I purposely left the incident number visible in case British Airways read it.


Where does this leave the customers? Well for one it’s a good thing that BAEC has fixed the earning rates for future flights, that was a major error. There is still no remedy however to automatically make good on damage this has caused in the past in terms of missing award miles.

On the other hand I can only recommend to have a detailed look at the booking classes when flying and making an informed decision which program to credit it to. At least in this case I class earns the full tier points but about 50% less award miles. Also BAEC doesn’t award any miles bonuses for Status Customers when flying most partners, a real pet peeve of mine when it comes to BA.