Grand Hyatt Singapore Coronavirus Contamination + Hotel Email To Guests


Many companies have canceled their Asia-Pacific meetings and events over the past couple of weeks to stop the Coronavirus spreading + there are likely very few attendants.

Grand Hyatt Singapore has been emailing its guests about Coronavirus infestation that took place at a conference held at the hotel.

You can access Grand Hyatt Singapore’s website here.

Here’s an excerpt from the Straits Times (access their piece here):

SINGAPORE – The business event at the Grand Hyatt Singapore that has been linked to at least five coronavirus cases in three countries was hosted by a global gas analysis company with offices in Europe and Asia.

A 27-year-old Singaporean man who was at the meeting is among those confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus, which originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan. One foreign employee at the meeting was from Wuhan.

Two South Koreans, aged 36 and 38, and a 41-year-old Malaysian who were at the meeting also tested positive after returning home, sparking an investigation by the World Health Organisation.

On Friday (Feb 7), a middle-aged British man who attended the meeting was also confirmed to have the virus. He is the first British national to contract the virus.

Channel News Asia (access here) run a story that shows the virus clusters in Singapore:

Coronavirus clusters in Singapore

Here’s an email that the hotel has emailed to its guests:

On behalf of the General Manager | Important message from Grand Hyatt Singapore

From: SINRS-Shared MB-Guest Service Center <>

Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2020, 6:50 AM

Subject: On behalf of the General Manager | Important message from Grand Hyatt Singapore

Saturday, 8 February 2020


We are reaching out to let you know that the Singapore Ministry of Health has informed Grand Hyatt Singapore that at this time, several individuals who attended a private organized event at the hotel from January 20-22, 2020 have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. We are contacting you regarding this situation, in an effort to provide as many current facts as possible to registered guests who visited the hotel during this timeframe.

The Singapore Ministry of Health is still investigating the cases and has not confirmed details on how, where or when these individuals were infected with the virus.

Hotel leadership remain in close contact with the Ministry of Health during their ongoing investigation. In light of the nature and sensitivity of the situation, local authorities are not able to share details with the hotel prior to their official public announcements. Also, privacy protection laws limit the hotel’s ability to share specific details regarding the private event or guest data.

Please know we are committed to caring for our guests and colleagues during this time, as their safety and wellbeing is always a top priority.

Upon learning about the cases from the Ministry of Health, we have been diligently following up with the Ministry of Health to understand their risk assessment of the situation. We were advised that their investigation is focusing on individuals who were at the private meeting.

Immediately upon learning of this situation, the hotel elevated precautionary operational protocols, including deep-cleaning measures in public areas, restaurants, meeting spaces, guestrooms and our Damai Spa and Fitness Centre. Furthermore, we engaged a government-appointed outside agency to conduct a thorough sanitization and deep cleaning of the impacted guestrooms. We have also been closely monitoring our colleagues’ state of health, and at this time, there are no coronavirus cases among our team members.

In addition, Grand Hyatt Singapore has been strictly following guidelines from the National Environment Agency’s Sanitation and Hygiene advisory for hotel operators since early January, which includes stringent safety and security guidelines.

Hotel leadership and colleagues continue to remain vigilant in monitoring for symptoms among colleagues and guests.

As international and local authorities are still learning more about novel coronavirus, please remain vigilant and monitor your health closely. Per the general advice of international and local health authorities to the public, should you experience symptoms such as fever, runny nose or general feeling of being unwell, please seek the guidance of a medical professional.

Please also visit the Singapore Ministry of Health at for the latest facts and information regarding this situation.

We care about your wellbeing and appreciate any concerns you may have.  We hope the above information helps provide you with a better understanding of the situation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Grand Hyatt Singapore team.


Willi Martin

General Manager

Grand Hyatt Singapore

10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

+ 65 6738 1234 TELEPHONE


This is the first instance, which I am aware of, that guests/conference attendees have been infected with the virus at a hotel. There was the case in Hong Kong where someone had stayed/visited several Hong Kong hotels (W, Ritz-Carlton & Four Seasons) before showing signs.

Most of the events and meetings in Asia-Pacific have been canceled due to possible virus transmission that took place here.

I am glad to learn that the hotel tries to be proactive and warn guests who were in the house during the event about possible contamination.