Avianca LifeMiles Purchase Promotion With Up To 125% Bonus For Buying Miles Until February 27th, 2020


Avianca LifeMiles has just brought back yet promotion of purchasing miles up to 125% bonus (staggered bonus levels) until February 27th, 2020.

LifeMiles members can purchase up to 200,000 miles every calendar year and some members may have higher targeted offers.

You can access this offer on Avianca’s website here.

Note that the bonus amount is dependent on the number of LifeMiles you intend to purchase and the account had to be open at the time the promotion started (you can not open brand new accounts to take advantage of active promotions).

This is the bonus schedule for the current promotion, slightly different from before:

Keep in mind you can get the 25% bonus already when you purchase 101,000 Lifemiles and above so there is no need to purchase the full 200k to max out the bonus.

The price of a ‘LifeMile’ (one) purchased at the 25% bonus level is 1.47 cents each, which is pretty much the standard price LifeMiles have been going for unless there is a special promotion such as the Cyber Monday where they offered 145% bonus for all purchases.

You’re also always able to supplement 1000 LifeMiles for $15 cash (dynamic pricing) through the cash&points redemption option upon checkout.

LifeMiles sales are pretty much a permanent fixture now. I can’t remember when there was a longer period without a sale being available in one form or the other.


LifeMiles used to be a very good award option before the award charts were devalued a few times. You can still can find LifeMiles useful to utilize for certain routings.

I would not purchase at this point (especially in large quantities) unless you have a clear plan to use them in the near future and award availability exists using LifeMiles and the award booking using their engine doesn’t “error out” at the end which you unfortunately never know until it actually happens.