British Airways Club Europe Downgrades


British Airways has been busy texting passengers this morning that were scheduled to fly in Club Europe.

The airline was yesterday experiencing another set of unmatched IT difficulties and a winter storm that resulted in many canceled or greatly delayed flights.

Now the airline is informing passengers that the main benefit of non-status Club Europe passengers, that being the free middle seat, may be occupied today.


Isn’t it interesting that businesses always ask for our “understanding” when they screw up and cannot deliver paid benefits while this quite doesn’t work the other way around?

The winter storm was legit but these never-ending BA’s IT issues not. You would think that an airline the size of British Airways would have its IT figured out by now?

Passengers could legitimately file for EC 261/2004 compensation if the middle seat is occupied. Some of the fights returning to London may also be un-catered.

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