Cathay Pacific Coronavirus Email: “Our commitment to your wellbeing”


As the coronavirus has canceled a significant number of Cathay Pacific flights and as they have trimmed frequencies, the airline is now trying to reassure us that it is committed to our wellbeing.

Cathay Pacific just sent me an email, likely due to an upcoming flight in two weeks, what they are doing battling the coronavirus..

You can access Cathay’s pag for information and updates here.

Here’s the email:

Here are the 10 steps that Cathay has taken:


It must be a very challenging time for Cathay Pacific and its employees. The traffic has already been down due to the demonstration that took place in Hong Kong throughout 2019, and now this coronavirus outbreak.

I am eagerly awaiting if there are further changes to the two flights on Cathay scheduled for next month. The airline already canceled the Hong Kong – Narita-flight and rebooked me to Haneda instead (better).