IHG Rewards Club Spire Elite Choice: 25,000 Bonus Points Or Platinum Status Gift (Even For Matched Accounts!?)


IHG Rewards Club launched its Spire Elite status level back in 2015 and began to award an annual Elite Choice gift option for those members qualifying for the status.

I was surprised to find this elite choice selection in my account this week, giving me a choice between 25,000 bonus points or gifting Platinum status to a friend.

You can access the IHG Rewards Club page for choosing the gift here.

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The reason why I was surprised about being award the Elite Choice was that I didn’t, in fact, qualify for the status at all but rather matched it in the fall of last year and since then just renewed my Ambassador. The status that was initially supposed to last only three months is now well in it’s sixth.

As mentioned, I had done the IHG Spire status match last year. Since then, I had 4 paid and 4 award nights and the extension of my Ambassador status. I checked with a few friends who also reported that strangely enough, their account suddenly shows Spire status despite never doing anything, including the match.

In any case, the notation that something had been deposited showed up in my account transactions last week:

It shows up in your online account under Spire Benefits:

I selected the 25,000 points as those give me a value of ~$150-175 when adequately used, and I don’t really know anyone who could use IHG Platinum right now. Apart from that, if someone wanted Platinum, I’d suggest to sign up for Ambassador and get the whole package for $200 plus some points.

The points were deposited immediately:

That’s a nice extra as I didn’t expect anything like this to pop up. It’s a good supplement into my account so that I can place a lovely 4-night redemption at another high-value property sometime soon.


Something tells me that IHG has some severe IT issues going on with all their status upgrades and awards deposited at random into peoples accounts.

Of course, I’m happy to get all this, but I seriously wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that this keeps happening. The time of the deposit is also very random. Check your account if you got the Spire Elite Choice as well!

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