Compensation Clinic: Hilton Johannesburg


Compensation Clinic this week pays a visit to the Hilton Johannesburg hotel in South Africa that has an issue with honoring the DND-sign.

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You can access the Hilton Johannesburg website here.

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Here’s what happened:

Someone was knocking at the door at 10 AM while the Do Not Disturb sign was on. I went to open the door, took the DND-sign, and asked from the housekeeping team member if she understood what it meant? Radio silence.

I went back to sleep and later spoke with the manager on duty, who promised to get back to me shortly. The housekeeping team member had told them that the DND sign would have fallen to the floor (not the case). They promised to view the tape (they have cameras on all the floors).

The housekeeping manager called me back and confirmed what I already knew. The housekeeping staff member had lied, and the DND-sign was always on the doorknob.

We had a fruitful conversion, during which she told me that they go through this at least once a month. They always remind staff members not to go to the room or suite if the DND-sign is on, and they continue doing it. I suggested offering incentives for the staff to discontinue this practice.

I asked for 20,000 points for the inconvenience and the points posted before the stay to my Hilton Honors account:


I don’t get why it is so difficult for hotels to get all their employees to honor (pun intended) these Do Not Disturb-signs? Just slip a note under the door that the room was not serviced or something was not delivered to call the front desk when the time is appropriate.

It is my opinion that this practice won’t stop before it starts showing up on their expenses and public feedback.

I couldn’t sleep before 5 AM on that day and was in a sound sleep when I was woken up. I cannot stand when this takes place.