Air New Zealand Skynest Bunk Bed Prototype

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Air New Zealand today released a prototype of a product called SkyNest that the airline may introduce to long-haul planes in the coming years.

Skynest would allow up to six economy class passengers to sleep what would essentially be bunk beds (airline calls them pods).

Here’s a video of the product that Air New Zealand released:

Here’s an illustration of what it could look in an airplane:

Bunk beds back in the day used to be common in planes:


Air New Zealand introduced Skycouch a few years back that allows passengers to buy a row of economy seats, in less busy flights, and make it a bed. My friend just did this on an NZ flight to Tokyo.

It depends on how much floor space these Skynest’s would take and whether they would potentially cannibalize business class demand. Six pods, however, on a long-haul aircraft would not be that much considering the overall number of seats.

The pricing should be somewhere between economy and business class. You would get a bed, but with economy class F&B “experience.”

Air New Zealand appears to be serious with this product as they have filed for trademarks and patents.