Fabulous Fridays: Generous Platinum Elite Benefits (Incl Free Parking) At Courtyard By Marriott Sydney North Ryde


Our Fabulous Fridays topic this week is about hotels that go above and beyond for their Elite members, providing benefits far higher than they would be required as per program and brand standard.

One of our readers recently stayed at the Courtyard By Marriott Sydney, North Ryde as a Marriott Platinum member and the hotel is very generous in extending benefits to Bonvoy Elite members.

We often like to complain when hotels are extremely stingy and not give anything more than absolutely required or even these standard benefits being of mediocre quality.

In this particular case the Courtyard By Marriott in Sydney (North Ryde) is going another way and tries to make the property more attractive to loyal Marriott customers.

Kevin sent me the welcome letter the hotel hands out at checkin:

Now as a select service brand Courtyard often has not much to offer to it’s guests as lounges are rare and mostly the benefits are restricted to a small upgrade and breakfast.

The benefit letter is propped up a bit with things that are more or less irrelevant when it comes to the property such as the “50% Bonus Points” which is a basic program benefit for Platinum members.

But there are extras too such as the complimentary parking which can add up over time. The drink voucher for a glass of complimentary house wine or beer (plus probably a non-alcoholic option) is a nice gesture as well.

This particular property also gives the breakfast PLUS 500 welcome points. Some hotels make the guest choose between either of these two.


The decision of offering more or less in terms of elite benefits often depends on the local competition so in order to entice more business travelers to stay at a particular property. Bangkok is such a case as well, with tons of competing properties around each other travelers need a reason why they should stay at a specific hotel and favor it over the neighbor where loyalty benefits are decent as well.

It often doesn’t cost these hotels a lot of money to offer a little bit extra. In this case with the free parking one could say that as long as the hotel owns it’s parking space and it isn’t operated by a third party the expense is pretty low.

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