Compensation Clinic: The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok – Events or Guests As Priority?


This weeks Compensation Clinic makes a stop at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok where one of our readers had a pretty bad experience during his last stay.

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Sometimes the guest experience depends a lot on how a hotel handles their convention and event business alongside the daily, regular hotel guests that frequent the property.

One of our readers, Elliot from Singapore, wrote to us about the experience he had while staying at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit recently.

Hi guys –

writing to you fuming over my experience here at the Westin Bangkok where I am booked for a week. The hotel has a wedding or some other social event every single day and the entire hotel is a complete mess.

I know hotels make big money hosting weddings but this goes too far. Hotel guests are trampled over in the lobby downstairs [driveway / LL] and the main checkin space upstairs. It’s impossible to get taxi here and the bell staff is busy the entire time catering to the guests of these functions.

Today on day four of seven I decided to check out and move to another hotel, the Sheraton Grande across the street. A difference of night and day. I gladly pay the difference of about 2000 THB per day and got a nice suite here.

The Westin promised me 20,000 Bonvoy points for this experience. Still waiting for both the stay credit and the compensation but please let this be a warning for your readers.


I know the Westin Grande quite well and agree that it’s a pretty small hotel. I haven’t stayed there for a couple years now but I often visit their Kisso Japanese Restaurant for lunch and the lobbies are often very busy with guests who hold corporate meetings or indeed as experienced by our reader here, weddings.

Hotels should really try and balance it better so that the actual hotel guests aren’t too inconvenienced by these in house events be it meetings, weddings or even some party events such as W Hotels like to host sometimes.


It must be a very busy season for events in Bangkok which surprises me a bit (he stayed mid February). At least he was able to change hotels with very little effort which is of course pretty easy in Bangkok as Marriott has a gazillion properties there.

20,000 points is a fair amount of points as compensation considering how much a decent Marriott property nowadays costs per night.