The Battle Of Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Videos


Something not so surprising has been popping up on my laptop and phone screens over the past few days.

I am not talking about videos where airlines are demonstrating their superior cabins, food and beverage options, multinational crews, or state of the art aircraft, but how well they clean their cabins!

Have you come across other videos from airlines? Drop me a note or leave a comment below.

Thai Airways

There is another version of this video that I couldn’t locate that has family smiling with a young kid. From the looks of this, it is like the cleaners are battling ebola!

Cathay Pacific

You may have to go Cathay’s Facebook to watch theirs (access here).

Qatar Airways

This was the latest video that I saw. Now the employees are already wearing hazmat gear when entering the aircraft.


Wonder where all the videos from the likes of British Airways, United or American demonstrating how well they clean their aircraft are? I guess that we know the answer to that question!

You certainly wish that the aircraft would be appropriately cleaned between every long/medium-haul rotation, but that appears not to be the case with many of the western airlines based on my observations. The Asian planes are usually squeaky clean.

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