Marriott Bonvoy Status Downgrades & Elite Years Counters Not Updated For 2020?


Marriott Bonvoy elite statuses based on 2018 activity were supposed to be first valid through the end of January 2020, but something didn’t go as intended. Downgrades were then supposed to take place at the end of February. Here we are on March 5, and the online/app counter still shows expiry as January 31.

Also, the elite year counters for members thriving for lifetime status with Marriott Bonvoy have not been updated for 2020. This was also supposed to take place in February, but now customer service is messaging members that this would take place sometime in March.

You can access Marriott’s page for your account here.

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Here’s a recent message that a reader received from Marriott Bonvoy:

Thank you for contacting Marriott Bonvoy regarding your Elite status tenure ship. I hope you are doing well.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to inform you that the year-end processing has not yet been done. Please be informed that, your Lifetime status will be updated by the second week of March, 2020.


I don’t mind that my Ambassador status has not yet dropped to the Lifetime Titanium despite receiving an email from the ambassador last month (read more here). Not processing lifetimes years, however, may affect some readers who could have qualified for the Gold or Platinum status by now.

Not sure what is behind of all these Marriott Bonvoy issues that have plagued the program ever since the merger back in August 2018.