Italy Extends Lockdown To Entire Country Through April 3, 2020


Italy instituted a coronavirus quarantine to the Northern region on Sunday (read more here) and extended it to the entire country today.

Travel to, from and within Italy is banned unless for health or other vital reasons. Bars and restaurants must close by 6 PM, and all public gatherings are not allowed.

Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ (access their piece here):

That means Italian authorities will allow travel to, from and within Italy only if it is demonstrably necessary for work or health reasons. The nationwide quarantine also means employees are urged to take vacation and stay home, bars and restaurants must close at 6 p.m., and virtually all public gatherings are banned. In shops, churches and all public places, people must keep a distance between themselves of a meter, or just over 3 feet.


Rather drastic measure, although the coronavirus (known) infection rates are highest in Italy outside of China. We’ll see if other countries will implement similar measurements over the next month.

Not sure how Alitalia, the loss-making “national” airline, will survive this. Qatar Airways backed Air Italy just folded last month (read more here).