World of Hyatt Has Changed Their Points Collection/Entry Method For Dining As Non-Registered Guest, Check Your Receipts!


I’m a big fan of the way World of Hyatt allows members to collect points when dining at Hyatt properties while not being registered as a guest and this month they made some technical changes.

The receipts now show the member tier plus total amount of points collected and the credit will continue to show up in your account instantly.

Hyatt not only modified the design of their receipts but also changed the way staff has to input the membership number in order to collect World of Hyatt Points.

This is how the receipt looks after the new features have been implemented:

Previously only the points eligible amount was displayed on the check and you’d have to see how many points it actually earned.

In this case I had an eligible spend of 1,250 THB (US$39.50) at the Grand Hyatt Bangkok which translated to 259 Hyatt points:

What I really like about this is that the points show up immediately in your account so you can a) check if the staff makes a mistake in entering your number and b) if you need a few more points to the next award on short notice then instead of buying them through the website you can go have a nice meal instead.

Another advantage is that the spend will also count towards your base points for status qualification and lifetime membership so a hefty bill for a group dinner or corporate event could give you a substantial push, though to really make sure it counts properly towards status I usually recommend if you have a huge bill then just book a room and charge it to the room account.

So what mistakes can staff make so the points won’t be credited?

Here is a way how it DOESN’T work:

In this case the staff entered my WOH number in the wrong field available within the POS system, namely the position where you enter the membership number of the local dining club (Club at the Hyatt) which usually results in a dining discount.

The receipt didn’t show any points earning and despite me being assured by the hotel that they would eventually credit they never did. Could have told them that right away but no – they knew better.

Eventually I visited there in person because I was around anyway and really had a meltdown. The property in the end credited a substantially higher amount of points as compensation to my account. But why? Why not do it properly right away?

Their excuse was that there was a system change in terms of interface but that’s no explanation in my opinion. I told the staff right away when I saw the receipt they made a mistake yet they refused to listen.


I remember when SPG also gave you the points for on property dining when not staying at the hotel (they were the first one). The downside with SPG was always that these credits were done manually with a little paper slip and it was pretty much a gamble if these point would ever credit. Even if they did it took weeks.