Finnair Extends Elite Status & Qualification Period By Six Months


Airline and hotel loyalty programs have started to roll-out status extensions and waivers for members that are faced with travel restrictions due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Finnair, which has been forced to suspend and cut frequencies of its long-haul and regional routes, has sent out an update to its loyalty program elite members.

Here’s message that Finnair has sent out to frequent fliers:

Under the current, unprecedented circumstances, we understand your travel plans can be uncertain. We are committed to taking additional steps to ease this situation for you and on 31 March 2020, we will automatically extend your tier status for further six months beyond its original expiry. Your available
upgrade benefits will have updated validity date as well.

During this extended time, you can, of course, move up through the tiers with your flight activity. Please note that we will not send a new Finnair Plus plastic card and you can simply continue using your existing membership number when booking.

We are constantly evaluating the situation and if necessary will introduce additional measures to help you attain your status when we return to full traffic programme.

We are grateful for your continuous loyalty and hope you have enjoyed your tier benefits and will continue doing so in the future. We look forward to greeting you onboard again.


There will be airline casualties because of this virus outbreak, but Finnair will not be one of them as it is majority-owned by the Finnish government.

Good that the airline is proactively informing that the status and qualification periods are extended by six months and that there could be other measurements taken once the crisis is over.