All American Express Centurion Lounges Worldwide Will Close From Saturday, March 21, 2020 Until Further Notice

American Express has published a notice on their website announcing the closure of all Centurion Airport Lounges from this coming Sunday, March 21st 2020.

This regulation will affect all locations worldwide until further notice from American Express.

International air travel has nearly come to a standstill and U.S. domestic flights are heavily reduced as well so I can see the point why it’s not worthwhile for Amex to maintain their locations until things improve.

You can access American Express Centurion Lounges here.

No date is given when the Centurion Lounges will reopen but in the light of things how should they know that so I’m not counting on any Amex lounge being available for the time being, possibly into May.


Centurion Lounges are a big part of the Amex Platinum benefit portfolio so I can see the folks who do in fact travel being slightly annoyed about the closure. But that will be the minority, most people will stay put at home and don’t desire to travel at all.

Announcements when their lounge facilities are going to reopen will be made on the Amex website or mobile application.

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