Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza Employees & Guests Quarantined For 14 Nights


Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza is temporarily closed due to a guest testing positive with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Egyptian authorities have sequestered all the guests and staff who are not allowed to leave the hotel and their hotel rooms for 14 nights. It is unclear who is paying for the prolonged stay and in-room dining charges.

You can access Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza’s website here.

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Here’s a copy of the letter that the hotel has provided to guests (provided us by a reader):

Here’s the warning that shows up on Hilton’s website:

Limited services = sequestered?


Not sure if this is the correct response as the virus is already spreading in the community and all you can do it slow it down a bit.

This makes you wonder if the Egyptian government or the hotel operator ends up paying for the stay and F&B after guests were not allowed to leave?

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