United Arab Emirates Closes Its Borders From All Non-Residents & Bans Nationals Traveling

United Arab Emirates is closing its borders from all non-residents effective March 19, 2020, based on the information released by their UK embassy. UAE is also banning all citizens leaving the country effective immediately.

UAE stopped issuing entry visas on March 17 that didn’t affect nationals from most western countries (read more here). Passengers can continue transiting via Dubai and Abu Dhabi without entering the country.

You can access the Dubai Airports info page here (appears to have old information).

Here’s an excerpt from the National (access here):

Emiratis have been temporarily banned from travelling in an effort to protect them from the spread of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced a temporary ban on Wednesday, saying it was immediately effective and would last until further notice.

Here’s the Tweet from UAE’s UK embassy:

Here’s what Australian’s Ambassador to UK Tweeted:

Here are nationalities that were allowed to enter visa-free that appears to now have been canceled:

Andorra Denmark Luxembourg San Marino
Argentina El Salvador Malaysia Serbia
Australia Estonia Maldives Seychelles
Austria Finland Malta Singapore
Bahamas France Mauritius Slovakia
Barbados Germany Mexico Slovenia
Belgium Greece Monaco Solomon Islands
Brazil Holland Montenegro South Korea
Brunei Honduras Nauru Spain
Bulgaria Hungary New Zealand Sweden
Canada Iceland Norway Switzerland
Chile Italy Paraguay Ukraine
China (Including Hong Kong & Macau) Japan Poland USA
Colombia Kazakhstan Portugal United Kingdom
Costa Rica Kiribati Republic of Ireland Uruguay
Croatia Latvia Romania Vatican City
Cyprus Liechtenstein Russia
Czech Republic Lithuania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Countries are currently changing their entry requirements almost daily. Most travelers have already grounded themselves as air travel has almost completely halted, and some are banning even their nationals leaving.

Let’s hope that these restrictions and entry bans are promptly removed once the coronavirus peak is over.

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