Tokyo Hotel Availability Soon Wide Open For Summer Travel


Japan and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are in the process of concluding, getting there very slowly, that holding the games in 2020 just won’t happen.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but the Olympic flame was fired up in Olympia, Greece, and transported to Japan last week on a special Japan Airlines flight. The welcome ceremony, however, was cursed as the flame went off twice.

There are now talks that the games are postponed by up to two years. There were earlier plans, unconfirmed that the games could perhaps go ahead but without any live audience with limited schedule or sponsor events that usually go hand in hand with the Olympics.

The games were set to begin July 24 and end August 9, 2020. Canada has just announced that they are not sending their team to Tokyo.



It is incomprehensible that the games would go ahead in just four months this summer. I don’t quite understand why they began the Japan-wide torch relay last week.

Moving the Olympic Games later 2020 or perhaps 2021 will open up all the hotel capacity in Tokyo that has been reserved for the athletes, organizers, and sponsors. Could be some very low rates considering the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.

I toured the IOC Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, last month. Very well and thoughtfully prepared exhibits, although not a single word about the corruption and big money surrounding the movement.

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