Nordic Choice Temporarily Closes Eight Hotels In Helsinki

Kämp Collection, owned by Nordic Choice, announced over the weekend that they would temporarily close 8 of its 10 hotels in Helsinki area. The two existing Nordic Choice Clarion-branded hotels appears to stay open.

Hotel Kamp

These closures affect Nordic Choice Club, Choice Privileges, Small Luxury Hotels (SLH), World of Hyatt, Marriott Bonvoy, and Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) programs.

Here are the affected hotels and their affiliations:

  • Hotel Lilla Roberts | Small Luxury Hotels of the World – Hyatt + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • Hotel Haven | Small Luxury Hotels of the World – Hyatt + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • Hotel Fabian | Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • Klaus K Hotel | (Preferred Hotels + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • GLO Hotel Airport | GHA Discovery + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi | GHA Discovery + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – OPEN
  • GLO Hotel Art | GHA Discovery + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • GLO Hotel Sello | GHA Discovery + Nordic Choice + Choice Privileges – CLOSED
  • Hotel Kämp – Leading Hotels of the World + Nordic Choice – OPEN
  • Hotel St. George –Design Hotels – Marriott Bonvoy + Nordic Choice – CLOSED

Here’s the announcement in English:

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Kämp Collection Hotels will also adapt its operations. Eight out of ten Kämp Collection Hotels will temporarily close their doors by Wednesday, 1 April 2020. Hotel Kämp, the most iconic hotel in Finland, and the neighboring GLO Hotel Kluuvi will remain open.

“Naturally, our most important goal is to ensure the health and safety of our personnel and customers, but also to ensure the continuation of our operations after the crisis. We will not give up, we intend to keep the doors of Hotel Kämp and GLO Hotel Kluuvi open for as long as possible. We believe that our industry will recover from this crisis. Once it does, we want to be ready and capable of taking action,” says Laura Tarkka, CEO, Kämp Collection Hotels.

Kämp Collection Hotels arranged cooperation negotiations on 20th of March 2020. As a result of these negotiations, the personnel of the hotel chain can be laid off for a maximum of 90 days. The negotiations concerned all of the approximately 600 employees. Kämp Collection Hotels to be shut down temporarily are: GLO Hotel Airport, GLO Hotel Sello, GLO Hotel Art, Klaus K Hotel, Hotel Haven, Hotel Lilla Roberts, Hotel Fabian and Hotel St. George. The closures also concern the restaurant and other support functions of these hotels.

“Hotel Kämp has never closed its doors during its entire history. It remained open during the years of war when it served as a hospital and a base for foreign correspondents. To respect these traditions, we will keep Kämp’s doors open also during this crisis and ensure that we can offer high-quality accommodation and services for those who need to travel regardless of the situation. Kämp’s sister hotel GLO Hotel Kluuvi is located just a stone’s throw from Kämp and, therefore, it is natural that we have chosen GLO Hotel Kluuvi as the second hotel that will continue to serve our customers through the worst time,” says Laura Tarkka.

Extensive measures will be carried out at both hotels in order to ensure that personnel and customers are not exposed to the virus.


Nordic Choice just bought these hotels at the end of 2019 that must have been at top of the market, and now most of them are closed.

The Kämp has a very rich history having stayed open during the wars. The hotel was later converted to a bank before reopening in the late 1990s. It used to be affiliated with SPG’s Luxury Collection.

I still don’t understand how these Kämp Collection hotels can be affiliated with so many guest recognition and hotel loyalty programs in addition to their in-house Nordic Choice Club and Choice Privileges.